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Seed & Sod Garden Club

Seed & Sod Garden Club is made up of gardeners who love nature and appreciate its marvels, who continue to learn about our natural world in order to conserve and improve our local and global environment. We manage a native Michigan plant garden next to the library, we sponsor biannual garden walks and support other community projects. Our activities are supported by fundraising such as our garden walks and sales of our botanical cards.

Our Garden Club was founded in 1940. The goal was to bring lovers of nature and gardening together and to benefit the local and global community. We raise funds for the continuation of our activities and for charitable donations including food banks, children’s garden programs and  the Global Seed Bank.

Our members carefully press materials from our gardens for many weeks before assembling compositions on cards. The cards are later scanned and printed.  We hope that you enjoy these cards as much as we have enjoyed making them. To order cards or to view more samples, please email Meredith Weston-Band.