Public Safety (Police & Fire)

Volunteer Fire Department
The Huntington Woods Volunteer Fire Company rose out of the old Civil Defense System and was formally organized on October 5,1949. With Lt. Bill Collins, it's first Chief, the Fire Company started out with eight dedicated residents who assisted the Public Safety Officers in responding to a variety of emergencies including fires, major accidents and natural disasters. Succeeding Lt. Collins as Company Fire Chief was Lt. Bob Youngs, who shepherded the organization for nearly 20 years.


Today the Huntington Woods Volunteer Fire Company is headed by Lt. Mark Bell. Though the technology, equipment and training have changed over the years the one thing that has remained constant is each and every member's dedication to serving the community. The "new" Fire Company member comes from a wide variety of experience and backgrounds, but is still as dedicated as the member 50 years ago.

If you are interested in becoming a Huntington Woods Volunteer Fire Company member you can contact Lt. Mark Bell at 248.541.1180 for more information.

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