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Building Department

The City of Huntington Woods has a part-time Building Official who is responsible for issuing building permits, inspections and enforcing the Code of Ordinance, building, zoning and historic district requirements.

In addition to the Building Official, the City employs part-time electrical, plumbing and mechanical inspectors. 

For inquiries, questions or to schedule an inspection, contact Heidi Barckholtz, Building Clerk.

Heidi Barckholtz
  Building Clerk   Phone: 248.581.2633
Please give a minimum of 48 hour notice to schedule an inspection
Duaine Franks
  Building   Inspections generally on Tuesday and Thursday, 1-4 PM
Ken Borycz   Mechanical (heating, plumbing, A/C) Inspector   Inspections generally on Tuesdays 9-11 AM
Sean Dare   Electrical Inspector   Inspections generally on Tuesdays  and Thursdays 12-2 PM

Permit Forms & Fees
Builders Code of Conduct
Neighborhood Bill of Rights
Fence, Walls and Hedges Ordinance
Guidelines for Exterior Additions and Infill Development (New Residential Buildings)
Height and Area Regulations, Site Plan Review and Special Land Use Review