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Filing a Complaint

It is the policy of this Department to accept, document, review and investigate all instances of alleged misconduct, to include complaints regarding the directives and procedures of the Department, and to equitably determine whether the allegations are valid or invalid and to take appropriate action.  All allegations of misconduct will be investigated, regardless of whether initiated by citizen complaint, other external agencies, internally generated or discovered through the internal review and administrative processes of the Department.

It should be understood that the Department expects and receives the highest degree of integrity from its members, and accordingly presumes, unless evidence is discovered to the contrary, that all employee actions are performed in good faith.

All citizen complaints pertaining to Departmental policies or procedures, or that allege officer misconduct shall be accepted by any supervisor of the Department who is approached for such assistance.  Any questions regarding this policy can be addressed by contacting 248-541-1180. 

Citizens wishing to praise or commend an officer, or the Department for exemplary performance are also encouraged to notify the Huntington Woods Department of Public Safety.  Citizens desiring to express compliments should do so to a supervisor of the Department either in writing, in person or over the phone.

*A copy of the Departments Professional Standards Summary Report involving Complaints Against Officers for the year 2017(issued in 2018) is available upon request at the Public Safety Department during normal business hours.