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Retirement Proposal Calculator

We have developed a tax calculator to provide you with a fast and easy tool to determine the estimated property tax change associated with the Fire and Police Retirement proposal.

This tax calculator is for the 2020 Fire and Police Retirement proposal only and does not include any other Huntington Woods millages on your tax bill. The calculator computes the estimated average tax impact for 2020 using a millage rate of 2.461 mills and your current taxable value.   To find your taxable value, click on this link:


Type in the address in the search bar at the top left

Do not include “boulevard, drive, avenue” etc.

East and West Roycourt residents should type in “E Roycourt” and “W Roycourt”

Information for the address will look like this:


Use the taxable value amount for the millage calculator.

Use the calculator below to find out the average tax impact of the proposed bond using your taxable value.