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Historic District Commission (HDC)

The Historic District Commission was established by the City Commission on October 19, 2004.  The intent of the Historic District Commission is to preserve the integrity of the streetscape and to ensure that the unique qualities and characteristics of the individual home and other resources are retained intact for future generations.  Staff contact: Hank Berry.

Map of the Historic District. 
Map of Rackham Golf Course Historic District

Meeting Schedule    /     Agenda     /     Minutes

Historic District Commission (9 members)
Steven Behrmann
Richard Dimanin
Mark Fink
Irene Jurewich
Robert Lebow
Jim Malloure
Jeff Samoray
Chris Vogelheim
Louise Wibbleman

Commission Liaison:  Joe Rozell


Huntington Woods HDC Guidelines
Secretary of the Interior Guidelines
State Historic Preservation Office
Michigan Historic Preservation Network