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Water Maintenance is handled by Department of Public Works employees along with their many other tasks.   In this capacity, they are responsible for the maintenance of approximately 26 lineal miles of water main throughout the City. The department's goal is to provide a clean, constant supply of water to homes and businesses, and to provide an abundant supply of water for fire protection. In order to carry out these duties, it has many water conveyances it must maintain.  Click here to access common Water Questions and Answers (FAQ)

2022 Consumers Annual Report on Water Quality

Water Billing
About your water bill: If you do not receive a water bill by the end of the month preceding your due date, contact Renee Bullen at City Hall, 248-581-2639. Questions regarding your bill can be directed to DPW at 248-547-1888. 

Water Bill Due Date and Payment Information
The City is divided into three zones for water meter reading and billing.  Billing is quarterly throughout the year. Click here to see a map showing the months your quarterly water bill is due. Payment is due on the 25th of your payment month. After that date, a late fee will be assessed. You can pay in person at City Hall, by placing your payment in the City drop box at the rear of City Hall, online, or through Direct Payment.

Water Bill Map

Attention Snow Birds!
Do you leave the city in the Winter for warmer climates?

  • Sign up for automatic payment for your water bill, or
  • Call or email Renee Bullen in the Finance Department to temporarily change the mailing address for your bill. Be sure to notify us when you return to Huntington Woods so we can update your address.
  • The water can be shut off at the curb to limit concerns with pipes freezing within the building footprint.  Contact Public Works at (248)-547-1888 to make arrangements.
Final Water Bills
A final water bill may be requested by calling City Hall at 248-581-2639 or emailing

Water / Sewer Rates: 2023/2024
Huntington Woods' Water and Sewer Rate are combined into a single number.
The Combined Water and Sewer rate for this fiscal year is $14.03/unit or 100 cubic feet. A unit is equal to 748 gallons of water or 7.48 gallons per cubic foot. This number represents the consumption of water used based on the meter reading which is done quarterly from outside the house. The external reading device is connected directly to the water meter in the basement.

Included in the sewer portion of the charge is the cost of handling the storm runoff which combines with the sanitary flow from homes and businesses in Huntington Woods. This material moves through the system and is combined with the flow from the other cities where it ends up as part of the George Kuhn Drainage System.  For additional information on the GWK Drainage District visit the Oakland County Water Resources Department.

A flat rate of $17.00 per bill ($68.00 annually) is charged quarterly to cover part of the fixed cost of maintaining the system including some of the expense of upgrades to the water/sewer system infrastructure. This is known as the Capital Improvement Fee.

A Bond Repayment Fee was added to bills beginning in Spring 2020.  This rate is $1.92 per 100 cubic feet.  This rate was added to pay for a bond issuance to fund sewer repairs throughout the City.  The money will only be used for that purpose, and the rate will be adjusted annually to account for higher or lower overall sewer usage over all sewer accounts.

The Water Department handles:
*  Reading water meters for billing.
*  Performing investigations on high water bills (rereads).
*  Install new water meters and replace existing ones.
*  Investigate possible water main or service leaks.

Water Mains - These are made of several materials, the most common being cast iron. They are subject to leaks and breaks due to stress, corrosion, and changes in water pressure because of seasonal demand. These breaks and leaks have to be pinpointed, dug up, and repaired. As part of our road construction program, we continue to replace aging water main which helps reduce the number of water breaks we experience.

Valves (or Gates) - These are located in various locations, usually one or two blocks apart, and are used to isolate certain areas for repair or construction. These are subject to corrosion of bolts and packing and must be periodically dug up and repaired.

Water Services - These supply water from the water main to the house. These also are made of different materials with copper being far superior. Copper services require little, if any, maintenance. Galvanized iron services eventually rust out and must be replaced. Services made of lead are a health hazard and should be replaced. The homeowner is responsible for the service line from the City's Water Main to the house.

Hydrants - Huntington Woods has 269 Hydrants located strategically throughout the city. These are maintained by DPW.  As part of our maintenance program, our hydrants are flushed each spring and pumped down in the fall to prevent them from freezing which would hamper Public Safety in their effort to flight a fire.  The department continues to replace our older hydrants with new traffic safety break away models.


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